Karnali Chisapani Multipurpose Project ( 10800 MW )

It is the largest known  hydro-power project of Nepal; which lies in 600KM west from Kathmandu( the capital city of Nepal). The project is near karnali suspension bridge.

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About Project

Installed Capacity:- 10800 MW (18 X 600 MW)

Average Annual Energy:- 20842 GWh

Irrigation :-

                     NEPAL= 191,000 hectors

                    INDIA=3,200,000 hectors
Location:-                                    Mid Western, NEPAL
Type:-                                          Storage
Live Storage:                            16.2 billion cubic meter
Design flow:-                              44 m3/Sec
Dam height:-                              270 m
Dam type:-                                 Rock-fill with inclined core
Tunnel length and diameter:-  276m / 12 m
Power House type:-                 Underground
Access road length:-                2.5 km
Transmission length:-              300 km (765 kV)
Status:-                                      Feasibility study (1984)

Karnali Chisapani Multipupose Project consists of a 270 meter high rock fill main dam with an installed capacity of 10,800 MW and Irrigation potential in Nepal is 191,000 net hectors and 3,200,000 gross hectors in India. The regulated flow from the Karnali dam will provide incremental irrigation benefits to India due to augmentation of flow during the dry season. As Karnli (Chisapani)  is a high dam multipurpose project, different types of benefits can be accessed from the project. For example power benefits, irrigation benefits, navigational benefits flood control etc.


This is the sites, where Karnali Chisapani Multipurpose Project will be constructed in near future


It is a storage type project and can hold 16.2 billion cubic meter of water, which helps in flood control & can generate electricity when ever we want i.e.( in dry season & pick hour). We are generating 694 MW from hydro power out of which only 92 MW(Kulakhani) is storage type project and rest are based on Run of the River (ROR). So, we are facing 14 hours load-shedding  on dry season & 5 hours load shedding on wet season . To eradicate such type of problem we need to develop storage type project.  Karnali Chisapani Multipurpose project might be the good option. It will be listed in worlds top 10 largest hydro-power, if it is build with a installed capacity of 10800 MW.


Nepal is a landlocked country. With the implementation of Karnali Chisapani Multipurpose Project, we can connect to Indian Ocean via Gang river.It will help us to link throughout the world with water transportation and can bring any goods from third country easily with very cheap price. It also saves about 86% of energy while transporting goods from water rather than land (road) transport.


This project will provide irrigation facility to 191,000hectors of Nepalese land and3,200,000 hectors of Indian land through out the whole year. Farmers of both the country can cultivate more than 3 different seasons of crops in a year. The entire project can change life style of whole western part of Nepal and some parts of Bihar & Uttranchal of India.


As it can hold 16.2 billion cubic meter of water; so this project is very effective to control flood in monsoon season. Especially the people living in downstream of the project will get more benefit from this project. As a result, there will be no loss of life & property from flood.


If we are able to  manage and develop the entire project environmental friendly, then we can also develop the project site as a tourist hub as Three George Dam ( China). Bardiya National Park is very close to this project. So we must be able to minimize the adverse effect on wild life, environment & ecology while constructing  the project. If we succeed than it will be benefit for Nepal in every aspect.


We can also earn a lot of money by cultivating fish in it’s reservoir. As we are cultivating fish in different existing hydro power project like Kali-gandaki A, Kulakhani , Sunkoshi , etc.

cnabin1 Aerial view of the project                                                                                 SCALE:-1:5000

The major issues of concerns to develop this project are:
• Sharing of cost on different component of the project
• Conflict on benefit calculation of energy, irrigation, flood control etc


The implementation of this project will be mile stone for Nepalese people & green energy lovers. Internal Rate of Return (IRR) value of the project is more & also it does not effect the ecology and environment like other huge project. The estimated cost of the project at 2008 price level is 6.834 billion US Dollar.

# I have taken photograph of the project from 5th civil engineering exhibition held on 2012, Pulchowk Engineering Campus (Lalitpur, NEPAL). For technical information, i have use different sites by using Google search engine.


23 thoughts on “Karnali Chisapani Multipurpose Project ( 10800 MW )

  1. great work …..its proud to see the model of the project to be brought in coming years…well done n keep it on….

  2. really outstanding n appreciating mission u hav kept for our nation>>>>>must say our motherland really would b feeling pride to hav u as her son>>>>>>>hats off buddy>>>>n kp going wid d same zeal n spirit along wid ur dedications n determination too>>>>>

  3. Mr. Chaudhury, I am seeking your permission to reproduce the Karnali-Chissapani project site photograph in my book with due acknowledgment. You will have a wider publicity of the work. I am waiting for your response.

    Best regards,

    Dr. Adel
    Professor of Physics
    University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
    e-mail: adelm@uapb.edu

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