World Environment Day 2014

Every year we are celebrating World Environment Day. This day compail us to think little or more about the condition of our environment. It provides us occasion on which political, social and economic problems of the global environment is discussed to take co-operative action. Every year population of celebrating World Environment Day (WED) is increasing. We celebrate it is taking part on different activities. Some of them are:-

  • Clean up campaigns
  • Tree planting
  • Art exhibits
  •  Reduce, Re-use and Recycling
  • Social media campaigns



World Environment Day was established by United Nations General Assembly in 1972 A.D. (2029 B.S.) and begins to celebrate in 1973 A.D. Every we are keeping slogans and promising to keep our environment clean and green. This year the slogan for world environment day is Raise your Voice not the Sea Level.


While celebrating World Environment Day in Neapal, We have add one slogan according to our own nepalese context i.e. SAFA GAU SAFA SAHAR SABAI NEPALI KO YAUTI RAHAR . We have also started to clean our own house, village, town, city as a one week national campain from today.

Major Environmental Issues of Nepal

  •  Deforestation ( over use of wood and lack of alternatives)
  • Contaminated water (with human & agricultural runoff and industrial  effluent)
  • Wild life conservation
  • Vehicles emissions
  • Decrease in discharge of river ( flow rate of river)
  • Glacier danger lake
  • Decrease in productivity of crops ( due to climate change)

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